Vendor Interview: Outta the Box Blooms

Tell us more about Outta the Box Blooms.

My business is like parts and pieces. I enjoy collaborating with brides who collect things for the big day but need some guidance in working their ideas into  their wedding. I also enjoy brides who have pictures and ideas to help me understand their vision and help create a wonderful day.

When should couples be in contact with you to discuss floral options?

Small weddings I can handle with two week notice.  Example 4 to 6 people in the wedding including the couple and less than 10 tables.
The size of the event also determines timelines and as always the earlier the notice the better.
Also I advise brides not to set their heart on a specific flower because it might not be in season. Focus on color.

What types of floral services and packages do you offer?

I work with anything. Silks, fresh flowers, plants, and dried materials. I have used items a bride has purchased and have been allow to use my judgment as long as I follow the color scheme.  

How many meetings are usually required when one books you for flowers?

It can be up to three especially if I am working with someone who is in the early stages of planning. I like to get everything in writing.

Do you offer floral preservation?

I offer different resources for preservation when fresh flowers are involved. 

What makes you unique or sets you apart from other floral shops? 

Outta the Box. I’m up for any challenge. I am learning that weddings aren’t that traditional any more. Couple are making these life events personal. If they like Camo and orange,  why not its their day. I easily get caught up with a couple who have a clear idea about how they want to celebrate themselves by sharing their interests.

What are some ways that you help couples save money?

I ask where they want to spend that budget from a prepare list of how this wedding is going to happen. I learn what the colors are and what is desired. Then I inquire about the budget and break it down for the couple to make informed choices. I suggest adding vases at the head table for example so that the bouquets can have double duty. The bridesmaids have flowers and then the table gets decorated when the flowers are placed in the vases and not on the floor. 

What else should we know about Outta the Box Blooms? 

I do not have a price list. The challenge I enjoy is working with the budget and creating the arrangements a bride wants and can afford.  I’m not asking a bride to settle but to guide her where the best bang for the buck is. My goal is to have a happy customer-period.

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